Flippers are similar in concept to partial dentures, but they are typically recommended for different reasons and are meant to achieve different goals than those of partial dentures.

Like a partial denture, a flipper consists of an acrylic body with small clasps that wrap around teeth to hold the appliance in place. Generally speaking, flippers are not as bulky as partial dentures, but are therefore not as strong and not usually indicated for back teeth.

However, flippers are a great option for replacing one or two missing front teeth, especially as a temporary measure. For instance, if you have a front tooth that requires extraction, and don’t want to have a gap in your smile while waiting for a partial denture to be made, we can have a flipper ready for you on the day of the extraction.

In some cases, a flipper can serve as a permanent option for replacing a front tooth, primarily for aesthetic purposes. Flippers are also a very economical choice when compared to other methods of tooth replacement.

If you have gaps in your smile, flippers are an option worth considering, either as a temporary or a permanent measure.


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