Custom Dental Art

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Did you know “tooth tattoos” are a thing?

This patient had an existing porcelain crown with a fishing fly on it. When he found out he had to get a porcelain crown on his back tooth, he wanted our lab to make a custom fish “chasing the fly.” Can you guess that this patient LOVES fly fishing?!

Our lab, Sonobe Dental Arts, came up with a fish design and hand-painted it onto the custom porcelain crown before baking the design in with the final glaze. The result turned out fantastic! The patient was so happy with the desired result, even better than what he imagined. All thanks to our dental lab, Sonobe Dental Arts, and their ability to create custom tooth art; the result exceeded all of our expectations.

If you are interested in a tooth tattoo and are in need of a crown, give us a call for a consultation! At Laurence Palmer DDS, we Change Lives One Smile at A Time and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to exceed our patients’ expectations.