Dental Implants 

At Laurence Palmer DDS here in Ogden, Utah, we are focused and dedicated to giving you options to permanently restore a missing tooth that feels completely natural. When you are missing a tooth, your confidence and self-esteem in your smile can go down. Because we want our patients to love their smiles, we offer dental implants to restore missing teeth to fill in a smile. 

A single tooth dental implant is made up of two general parts: the implant itself and the artificial tooth restoration. 



The implant itself acts as the new tooth “root” that will support the artificial tooth restoration. Being made of titanium, the “root” provides a sturdy foundation for the tooth after being surgically placed into the jaw bone. Normally in a dental implant procedure, one would need to see an oral surgeon place the implants. Once you have healed from the implant surgery, the restoration can be placed. 


The first phase of the restoration process is getting the measurements and the specifics of how to make your new artificial tooth. With the restoration, we custom-make the tooth to fit every size, shape, and shade of the surrounding natural teeth. We want to ensure this tooth looks like it belongs in your smile. 

Artificial tooth restorations are made with porcelain material, porcelain is strong, durable, and exactly resembles our natural tooth enamel. Porcelain material allows for the restoration to have the same functionality as all other teeth. 

Benefits of Implants

  • Missing a tooth can cause deterioration of the jaw bone and surrounding tissues, implant allows proper stimulation of the bone that prevents deterioration. 
  • Having a gap in your smile can draw unwanted attention, implants look completely natural and draw no attention. 
  • Implants are a permanent restoration that will last a lifetime with proper cleaning care. 

Come See Us 

Our dentist at Laurence Palmer DDS, is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry including the dental implant procedure. If you are missing a tooth and have been searching for an option please come see us in Ogden, Utah. We are looking forward to helping you receive a new tooth!