Fillings are the most common treatment we provide and are probably the most well-known aspect of dentistry in general. Fillings come in different varieties and can be prescribed for a number of different reasons.

Many people are familiar with old-fashioned silver fillings that predominated for decades. Nowadays, Dr. Palmer offers exclusively tooth-colored fillings. This material is highly aesthetic and can be applied in many different ways to solve many different issues.

The most basic issue, of course, is a cavity. Dr. Palmer’s tooth-colored (or “composite”) fillings mimic the natural appearance of the tooth so closely that it is difficult to tell whether a filling was done at all. One tremendous advantage of composite fillings is that they come in a variety of different shades to match all tooth colors. Perhaps your teeth are not pearly white? No problem. We simply match a filling shade to your natural tooth and no one will know it’s even there. Conversely, in some cases, we can improve the color of your teeth by using a shade that is lighter than your natural tooth.

Perhaps the best thing about composite fillings is the fact that they are highly biocompatible and pose no significant health risks.

Whatever the case may be, Dr. Palmer can show you a range of options for improving both the health and beauty of your smile with the use of composite fillings.


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