Dentures are as old as the profession of dentistry itself, and they continue to remain a great option for replacing missing teeth.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, whether it is upper or lower.  A complete denture is designed in a way that a slight suction effect holds it in place with the help of denture adhesives.

Partial dentures are indicated for patients who have lost some, but not all teeth. Partial dentures come in many different varieties and offer significant flexibility in their design and customization. Partial dentures are designed to latch on to neighboring teeth as a means of stabilization.

One of the great things about dentures is that we can choose the exact size, color, and shape of teeth that you like, allowing you to directly affect the appearance of your smile.

Furthermore, Dr. Palmer takes an extra step in ensuring his patients will be happy with the look and feel of their dentures. Because dentures are fabricated off-site in a dental laboratory, there can often be discrepancies or minor errors in the final product. To avoid this, Dr. Palmer frequently invites the lab technician—the professional who will actually fabricate your denture—to come to your appointment and help advise what size, shape, and color of teeth to use. When lab technicians are active participants in the denture making process, the final result is of superior quality. That is what our patients deserve.

We would love to work with you in designing a complete or partial denture that satisfies your unique needs. If you are missing teeth and have a hard time chewing, or are embarrassed by your smile, a denture designed by Dr. Palmer may be the treatment for you. Our goal is to keep you smiling for a lifetime!


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