Crowns are a restorative treatment that shares a similar goal with fillings—to remove decay and strengthen teeth. However, crowns are more likely to be an option in instances where a filling will not suffice.

A crown can be thought of as a shell that covers your entire tooth. This is necessary when a large portion of tooth breaks, when there is extensive decay in a tooth, or if they're simply not enough tooth left to adequately support a filling. Crowns are also typically placed on teeth that have had root canals.

There are many different crown materials, but Dr. Palmer uses two of the best types: E-MAX and Bruxzir. E-MAX crowns are extremely tough and durable and can stand up to years of natural wear and tear. They are also highly aesthetic, mimicking very closely the appearance of a natural tooth. BruxZir crowns are among the strongest crown material available today and are also very natural in appearance. These crowns are often a good choice for patients with bruxism (tooth grinding). As with many of our procedures, Dr. Palmer likes to involve the laboratory technician (who will fabricate the crown) in the entire process. This is an extra step in making sure you get the best possible result.

Whichever crown is best for you, you can be sure that Dr. Palmer will give you the best treatment possible with the intent of making your new crown last for many years to come.


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