Medicare and Dental Care: Which Medicare Plans Offer Dentures?

Medicare and Dental Care: Which Medicare Plans Offer Dentures?

Posted by Laurence Palmer on Jul 16 2021, 05:21 AM

Does Medicare offer coverage for my dentures? That’s a question a lot of people ask. However, there are very few resources out there that answer this simple question. That’s why we decided to come to the aid of patients and clarify which medicare plans offer dental coverage. 

Dr. Laurence Palmer, DDS, in Ogden, Utah, offers cosmetic, restorative, and replacement dental treatments. Moreover, Dr. Palmer also focuses on providing crucial information patients can’t find elsewhere.

That brings us to the question ‘Does Medicare offer dental coverage?’. The short answer is ‘Some plans do’. However, there’s more to it. Let’s take a closer look.

Which Medicare Plans Offer Dental Coverage?

According to, there are four parts to Medicare. Part A, i.e., hospital insurance pays for some of the dental services you receive if hospitalized. It can also cover up to 100% inpatient care if you need emergency dental procedures, based on your coverage. Note that this is only limited to emergencies.

For complete coverage of dental procedures, you can choose Part C. Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage or Medicare Private Health Plan. 

These Medicare Part C plans are available through private companies and can also cover basic dental care, fillings and cleaning, root canals, tooth extractions, and other treatments like dentures. Dr. Palmer recommends that you thoroughly research the coverage options of each plan before choosing one. 

What Type Of Denture Coverage Is Available on Medicare Advantage?

The two types of dentures available (that can be partial or complete depending on the patient’s needs) are:

  • Removable dentures 
  • Implant-based dentures

Dr. Laurence Palmer, DDS, can walk you through your options and let you know what type of dentures you require.

You can check what type of denture coverage you have based on your Medicare Advantage Plan. Some plans cover both types of dentures, while others only one. 

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