A Checklist for Your Next Dental Visit

A Checklist for Your Next Dental Visit

Posted by Laurence Palmer on Jan 7 2021, 08:30 AM

A dental visit is a source of anxiety for many. Dental anxiety stems from a bad experience in the past, anxiety about not knowing what to expect, or a general sense of fear of visiting the doctor. 

The fear surrounding a dental appointment can be minimized greatly by being well prepared in advance to make sure the visit runs smoothly. Here is a 5-item checklist that can help you prep for your next dental visit:

  • Verify Your Appointment

Call the dental office to confirm the appointment to ensure everybody is on the same page regarding the time and date. Accordingly, make sure you leave in time so that you reach the dental office with a few minutes to spare - this way, you will not be flustered and will have some time to take a breather.

  • Clear Your Schedule

If you have an appointment in, say, the afternoon, clear your afternoon so that you do not have work calling. Most often, if there are important commitments planned before or after an appointment, you are most likely to skip the dental visit. So, do not give yourself any excuse to miss the appointment.

  • Prepare Your List of Questions

Anxiety surrounding your oral exam may result in some important pointers slipping from your mind. So, write down a list of questions or concerns you may have so that your dentist may address them. This will prevent you from being frustrated during or after the appointment for not being able to recall what your concerns are.

  • Bring Your Medical File

Oral health is known to be linked to overall physical health. So, bring your medical file with details of your medical history so that your dentist can do a complete evaluation and ensure you are at your healthiest.

  • Carry Your Insurance Documents

Do not forget to carry your insurance card and different types of payment so that the payment process runs smoothly.

  • Brush Your Teeth!

Although a simple task, some may forget to brush their teeth because of the anxiety leading up to the appointment. It is always important to brush your teeth before the dental visit.

Create a physical checklist with the tasks mentioned above so that you do not miss anything and are well prepared for your dental visit. The preparation will give you a sense of control over the situation and will, thus, keep you calm.

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