4 Myths and Facts About ClearCorrect Aligners

4 Myths and Facts About ClearCorrect Aligners

Posted by Laurence Palmer on Jul 16 2021, 05:34 AM

In 2006, Dr. Willis Pumphrey had over 400 patients waiting to get their clear aligner treatment. However, a shortage of aligners in the market meant that people had to wait longer to achieve their dream smile. 

That’s when Dr. Pumphrey started his own company making clear aligners called ClearCorrect. Over the years, these clear aligners have changed the lives of thousands of people. 

Dr. Laurence Palmer, DDS, in Ogden, Utah, has successfully corrected hundreds of smiles using ClearCorrect aligners and knows all too well how efficient they are. Read on to learn more about the myths surrounding ClearCorrect aligners and the most important facts you should know about them.

Myths and Facts About ClearCorrect Aligners

Let’s take a look at the most common myths and facts surrounding ClearCorrect aligners: 

ClearCorrect Aligners Aren’t as Effective as Metal Braces

In Dr. Palmer’s professional opinion, this is not true. ClearCorrect treatment results match or even surpass those of traditional braces. 

You can get the best results with ClearCorrect when you follow the proper treatment, wear the aligners for 22 hours each day, and switch them out for a new set as prescribed. 

ClearCorrect Treatment Is Expensive

According to Dr. Palmer, this is yet another myth associated with ClearCorrect. In reality, the cost of ClearCorrect aligners is comparable to traditional braces and ranges between $3,000 to $5,000. 

You can also benefit from the four different treatment plans on offer to minimize costs and the payment options Dr. Palmer offers.

You Need to Watch Your Diet When Using ClearCorrect

This isn’t necessary at all. ClearCorrect gives you the luxury of removing your aligners before you eat or drink. The only thing you must remember to do is to clean your aligners and your teeth before placing them back after a meal. Apart from this, following general oral care dos and don’ts is sufficient. 

ClearCorrect Aligners Are Uncomfortable to Wear

While there is a period of adjustment when you start using ClearCorrect aligners, the fact that they are uncomfortable to wear isn’t true. That’s because they are designed with the help of an intraoral scanner that creates a layout of your oral structure with pinpoint accuracy and ensures they fit comfortably.

Dr. Palmer has years of experience in successfully treating patients with alignment issues using ClearCorrect. This means you can rest assured that his team will give you the best care and support in your wellness journey. Book an appointment by calling us at (801) 394-0401 or visit our office at 1245 Capitol St Suite 106-S, Ogden, UT 84401.

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